Smart Syllabus

What is Smart Syllabus:

Due to the COVID situation around the world, the routine lifestyles got disturbed. People are surviving with some unrepairable damages. The way of leaving has completely changed and nothing is like the previous times. One virus has the largest impact on people, things, and even the little matters of life. One of the most affected things during this time was education.

Education is the most important thing to get and that right got disturbed in this situation. Students were cut off from the school environment and studies. As time passed, people started to make way-outs to perform their daily activities. Punjab Government also took a step and introduced the Smart Syllabus preparation facility. Many schools and colleges followed this smart learning system. That is when the education started to revive again but with the new methods and techniques.

Educational institutes struggled to keep education be the priority. The management did not let it be neglected. Schools and colleges provided online classes facility to students using different mediums.

That is when the Smart Syllabus got introduced to students. This step was taken to keep students attached to their educational activities. This made things easier for students and parents. As they availed the smart syllabus online and continued their course study.

This is the soft copy of the syllabus that used to be provided to students in hard form in the classrooms. Now students do not have to worry about their studies. Smart Syllabus has made education handy and accessible.

Use of Smart Syllabus:

Smart Syllabus got introduced for almost all types of classes. Schools and colleges started to follow this smart pattern. Students also started to study according to the provided solution. Almost all students get to avail of this facility. They get it through their schools or college management and from online websites.

Smart Syllabus 2021:

Smart Syllabus 2021 got provided at the start of this year. Schools and college institutes prepared it to continue with education facilities. This is the new method of study for all. Students enjoy their studies from home. The smart syllabus has made its access easier for parents. It provided a hassle-free solution to study. The government’s initiative to introduce smart syllabus 2021 was also helpful.

The government also decided to omit unnecessary topics from the textbooks. They did not include those topics in the smart syllabus. It was all prepared based on important lessons and elements of the books. This strategy saved the time for students.

Students took great help from this type of facility. Their study did not get affected. it kept students indulged in healthy activities even staying at home. This was much appreciated by both students and parents.

Smart Syllabus for FSC:

Since it was prepared for all types of classes, FSC students got great help from this. Through smart syllabus, they got to learn the important part of the books. It was well equipped with all mandatory chapters and topics. This initiative enabled the student to get knowledge on time. It allowed prospering and shining even in this situation.

FSC Students experienced a hassle-free educational facility. It gave them the chance to explore their abilities. They learned the lessons on their own during this time. Students also prepared for exams without any face to face guidance from teachers. They only coordinated with the teacher through online channel mediums.

FA Smart Syllabus 2021:

In comparison to FSC students, it was easier for FA students to study at home. FA syllabus was much easier and less time-consuming. They got to collaborate with teachers on the same medium.  Still, it was not that difficult to learn anything online.
FA course was made much easier and relevant. They omitted all complex and unimportant things from the books. FA smart syllabus is prepared with the most relevant lessons and topics.

1st Year Smart Syllabus 2021:

1st-year students passed matric during the COVID situation. They got admissions to desired colleges according to their obtained marks. It was sad that they could not enter the college at the required time. But they were facilitated with an online smart syllabus facility to pursue their dreams. Smart Syllabus was a good option and helped new college students a lot.

1st-year students can take full benefit from this facility. They can enjoy their studies and complete the course from the smart syllabus.

2nd Year FA Smart Syllabus:

2nd Year FA students were already in the learning stage. Their approach on the course was enough to gear up for the next phase. A smart syllabus made the course much precise for them to speed up their learning. It helped them to complete the course work at home. Also, it provided a hassle-free experience to students.

How Smart Syllabus help Students in Fast Learning:

The government has reduced the unimportant course from the textbooks. This is how the smart syllabus has become more effective and productive for students. It provided them easy access to an improved version of studies.

Students are enabled to learn the most appropriate topics rapidly. it has saved time and energy. Students got more comfortable with the relevant course. that is what made the learning more effective and fast.

Benefits of Smart Syllabus:

Without wasting any time on unnecessary chapters, students learn relevant and important topics. The government provided the handy solution through the smart syllabus. They got to improve their study skills. It is the opportunity for them to explore things on their own. Students could get more internet exposure.

They became creative and tried things using their skills. It took away the spoon-feeding and turned the effort mode on. The students learned to cope with the problem and find appropriate solutions.

Importance of Smart Syllabus:

In this COVID situation, the smart syllabus was the highest need of all. It was as necessary for students as to education at schools. It fulfilled the educational needs. Smart syllabus facility kept the students indulged in their educational activities. It saved them from being spoiled at home. The smart syllabus is the best initiative taken by the government. During such hustle bustle of COVID, it saved the future of the country.

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