What is Secondary Education?

What is Secondary Education?

What is Secondary Education?

Secondary Education is taught after the primary education. It includes intermediate classes. This type of education is transmitting from primary to post-secondary. It is also a bridge leads students towards higher education.

What is Post-Secondary Education?

Post-secondary is also known as non-tertiary education. It provides people with advanced learning experiences. That reinforce the knowledge acquired in secondary education. This prepare them to enter into the labor market. Also to continue their studies in tertiary education.
It is normally aimed at students who have completed upper secondary education. But especially those who wish to increase their chances of entering the labor market. They are keen for advancing to tertiary education.
Programs at this level are usually not much more advanced. They are less effective than those taught in upper secondary education. They are characterized by expanding rather than deepening knowledge, skills and competencies.

Is Secondary School the same as High School or College?

The first difference is the concept of time. In high school, there is usually time to study or complete homework in class. In university, classes are dedicated to instruction. Another big difference is that in high school you may not spend a lot of time studying.
In high school, all of your classmates are about the same age, with similar interests. The university is another world: there are older students, others already with a family, others work and have different goals, many have different motivations, etc.

Is Grade 11 and 12 Secondary Education?

Yes! Grade 11 and 12 are part of secondary education. It is usually taught after the primary educational period. Below is a detailed description.

  • Elementary School – ages 6-11.
  • Middle School (“junior high school” high school from 7th to 9th grade) for 12-15 years.
  • High School – (10-12 grade) ages 16-18.

Compulsory Secondary Education:

Compulsory Secondary Education is a compulsory and free educational stage. It focuses on the completion of basic education.
It aims for everyone to acquire the basic elements of culture. That includes; humanistic, artistic, scientific and technological. It develops and consolidate study and work habits.
Prepare for the incorporation to further studies and for their labor insertion.
Train everyone to exercise their rights and obligations in life as citizens.

Lower Secondary Education:

General lower secondary education corresponds to the first three academic years. Those are taken from 12 to 15 years of age. Under certain conditions of repetition, it may vary. It is possible to extend this age limit by one year. It is accessed after completing Primary Education.

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