Scholarships for FSC Students

Scholarships for FSC Students

Punjab Colleges offer diverse types of scholarships to their students. You can also call them scholarships for FSC students and scholarships for students in Intermediate. The scholarships are the push-ups, a source of motivation, and solid financial support in case the circumstances play against the favour. Therefore, this article addresses the need for scholarships for FSC Students. Furthermore, the scholarships offered by the Punjab Group of Colleges are discussed.  

  • Merit-Based Scholarships 
  • Need-Based Concessions 
  • Teacher’s Children Scholarship 
  • Kinship Scholarship 
  • Shuhada’s Children Scholarships 
  • Orphan Students’ Financial Assistance 
  • 1122 Employees’ Children Scholarship 
  • Assistance for Students with Special Needs  
  • Incentive Policies for High Achievers 
  • Incentive Policies for Matric Toppers 
  • Punjab Group of Colleges Students in University Incentives 
  • Circumstantial Scholarship Incentives 

 Let us discuss these in the following.  

Merit-Based Scholarships 

Punjab Group of Colleges values excellence and hard work. Students that achieve academically are eligible for an exclusive award that offers up to a 100% fee waiver. At the time of admission, students with grades of 75% or higher are entitled to apply for free education. However, students who receive 70% or higher in their classes are eligible to request a 50% special fee discount. This scholarship is ideal for the students of FSC. Medical and Engineering students are included with the students enrolled in ICS (Intermediate in Computer Sciences), ICOM, and FA courses.  

Need-Based Concessions 

PGC cares about students’ need for education and offers financial assistance by giving them discounts or free education because it knows that not all students can afford the tuition and are experiencing financial hardship. It is also a prominent part of scholarships for FSC students.  

Teacher’s Children Scholarship 

The Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) assists the teachers, which ensures that their kids receive an excellent education. This discount is available to the children of teachers working in the public sector and reputable private institutions. In this way, we honour our teachers’ hard work in the nation-building scenarios.  

Kinship Scholarship 

The families of Punjab College’s students are well taken care of. A unique discount is provided to the immediate family members of former and present students for their education. If your siblings have been a part of PGC, you may be eligible for this scholarship. No matter whether you are an FSC student or studying other disciplines.  

Shuhada’s Children Scholarships 

Children of Shuhada who served in the military and police of our nation and gave their lives in the line of duty are given special attention by Punjab College. We give Shuhda’s kids a special break so they can attend Punjab College without having to worry about paying tuition. 

Orphan Students’ Financial Assistance 

At Punjab Colleges, orphans are eligible for a unique scholarship. This category is open to those who have lost their fathers or guardians. 

1122 Employees’ Children Scholarship 

Rescue 1122’s staff members and paramedics put their lives in danger while performing their jobs. They need our help, and in order to help, Punjab College is offering a special discount to the kids of Rescue 1122 staff. 

Assistance for Students with Special Needs  

A chance for a special fee reduction or scholarship has been made available to students with special needs in order to encourage them to pursue education and ignite hope in their minds. PGC always supports young brains and the future of tomorrow.  

Incentive Policies for High Achievers 

Punjab College recognises students who achieve very well in their respective Board exams. Top intermediate finishers across all boards receive brand-new cars or cash prizes. 

Incentive Policies for Matric Toppers 

Top-performing matriculants from all boards are given brand-new cars or cash incentives when they enrol at Punjab College. This is a tradition to celebrate the winners and outstanding performers in the field of education. This is the favourite part of Scholarships for FSC students.  

PGC Students in University Incentives 

At the University of Central Punjab in Lahore, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Karachi, and Capital University of Science & Technology in Islamabad, old PGC students can take advantage of a discount while applying for admission as they are the sister institutions to PGC. Furthermore, PGC believes once a student, always a student.  

Circumstantial Scholarship Incentives 

In the terrible event that any existing student’s father or guardian passes away, Punjab College would assume monetary responsibility for the student’s tuition and provide free education. PGC believes that no child should be forced to leave education. As it will limit the life opportunities, they may have if they are educated. Secure a future of a student is our national and social duty.  


There are various scholarships for Fsc students at PGC. These scholarships are also available for the enrolled students of PGC in other disciplines. PGC wants to continue its students’ educational journey and doesn’t want to limit their potential due to any hurdle.  

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