How Long is a Masters Degree?

How Long is a Masters Degree? A Masters degree is the specialized postgraduate university degree of any profession or subject. It comes after bachelors and students can only take admission to this program if they have completed and passed out their bachelors. Since it requires 16 years of education to get eligible for this program, it allows students to continue studies in their same area of interest. A wide range of master programs is being offered in different colleges and universities. Each of them has its own criteria for admission.

How Long is a Masters Degree?

Many wonder how long does it take to complete their masters degree as it is a more specified, detailed, and expert part of education. So people, nothing to worry about! This article will answer all your questions and queries as you read till the end.

Duration of Masters Degree:

Usually, a masters degree takes up to 2 years to complete studies. Although it is harder than a bachelors and includes some more specified and technical study, students still manage to complete the credit hours and thesis in the standard time if no breaks have been taken. In the first year of this program, students have to attend classes and go through learning and practical work (where required) while in the 2nd year of the program they merely go to the university and focus on completing their thesis or research work. In the case of a thesis, students are given a certain topic as a subject of thesis writing that they have to create according to the required word limit. Completion of thesis or research work may take longer than the standard time which can result in a delay in getting the masters degree. One needs to remain focused and dedicated to their education so that the educational process can keep moving without any hurdles and delays.

Part-time Masters Degree:

To manage funds for this degree program, many students choose to do a part-time job. Coping with jobs and studies is a beneficial matter for fee payments but it might interrupt one’s education. students’ focus shatters during the class and they do not seem to bring productivity in their studies. That’s where the completion of a degree delay and causes a lengthy duration in getting the degree. Students must be capable of multitasking while choosing both the things at the same time because only then they can do justice with their studies as well as a job. They should resist taking extra working hours at the office and work as much as required so that the pace between office and studies can be maintained and justified. Taking these sensible steps will definitely end up in the timely achievement of the masters degree.

Online Masters Degree:

Online education is the choice of those who either cannot go out for studies and have responsibilities or they have fewer income resources. Online degrees are also popular among female students as many of them are not allowed to step out of their homes. Distant learning has made it easier for all. People take advantage of such a facility as they can continue their job along with studies. Making money and getting an education both things are easily possible at this level. Students usually take admission in easy master degrees which are taught and stress-free. On the other hand, they aim to gain experience and get specialized in the relevant area of work. Many of them get an online masters degree to get promotions at the office.

Difference between Taught and Research-based Masters Degree:

Those who cannot spend more time in studies and have other responsibilities like doing a job for fund management, households, or any other issues choose taught based studies which include MA and MSc degree programs. In this program, students get to indulge in practical work, seminars, lectures, course work, and exams. Students can study on their own in the taught method. While those who can manage to give full time to studies are able to take admission in a research-based masters program that includes Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Master of Research (MRes). Students usually get involved in learning through research independently. They require the least supervisory and tend to analyze and collect researched data to complete their project. Such students also prepare to take admission to Ph.D. programs in the future.

What is the Postgraduate Study?

Postgraduate is a program that comes after bachelors. It includes matsers and a Ph.D. Masters means specializing in the relevant area of interest and a Ph.D. is a doctorate level of study. A student needs to complete 16 years of education for taking admission to a masters degree and 18 years of education for admission in the Ph.D. program. These degree programs are more challenging and necessitate complete concentration in terms of creativity and research work. One gets highly qualified and considered to be an expert in the relevant field after achieving these degrees. Postgraduate students have more advantages and benefits ahead in the future.

Eligibility Criteria:

Students who have completed their bachelors with 16 years of education or have an equivalent degree for application in masters, are eligible for the masters program. 2nd division in previous exams or its equivalent grade is a must to take admission in the postgraduate program.

How to Apply?

First, you should search for a relevant university you wish to take admission in.

Collect all your academic certificates, passport size pictures, and all other required documents mentioned in their prospectus, get all details about fee structures, know your affordability or you can also apply for a student loan and scholarship, prepare for an entry test and an interview and wait for the merit list.

A student must get to know everything about the desired university and its educational structure so that the time can be saved and studies can be started on time.

Scope of Masters Degree:

Since it is the specialization of one’s professional career. It has great importance in the corporate sector. People with post-graduate degrees have a definite chance to get jobs and pursue their careers. This type of study enables students to get skilled knowledge and develop a critical and analytical opinion in corporate matters. As the person grows in the educational world, demand for their work and value increases more. An expert who has done masters can be promoted to a higher position along with salary increments. Education is just not learned, it also contributes to the improvement of one’s way of thinking and style of work at the office or in business. People come out with enhanced exposure which helps them build up beneficial strategies and rightful decision making.

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