Education Complaint Cell Lahore

Education plays an important role in the development of one’s personality. Mindful thinking, civilized behaviour, ethics of living a meaningful life, and productivity comes with a good education.

During this process, students and parents go through multiple procedures that may include queries, questions, and complaints. Not every time everything can be clear to them. There are few common things that parents and students face and which can also remain unresolved at the end of any school, college or university.

Keeping in view such problematic substances. Ministry of education has introduced Education Complaint Cell that helps to provide solutions to their issues. Details of Education Complaint Cell Lahore here.

They can now feel free to directly convey their unresolved issues and queries to the government without any disturbance as multiple resources have been provided to cater to students’ and parents’ issues. The communication gap has been bridged between a common man and the government.

This article is going to provide detailed information that a person wants to know. Read till the end and get to know everything related to Education Complaint Cell.

Education Complaint Cell Lahore:

Complaints in the educational period is a common matter as people may face difficulties and their queries may not be entertained within the school, college, or university. The administration of the institute has multiple reasons and justifications for not being helpful to any student’s or parent’s issue.

To avoid such kinds of ambiguities, the government has introduced complaint cells.

To improve the quality of educational life and bring ease to the student’s life, it is a very helpful stance taken by the ministry of education. In this way, students can stay focused on their education instead of being indulged in such hectic hassle. Students can now go and easily register their complaints in the cell. A rapid action to entertain the complaint will be taken by the staff. Students can register all types of complaints, whether about their institute’s management, wrong policies, unjust acts, misbehaviour, exam related issues, and any other. The government has built up a direct relationship with students and parents through this step.

Online Education Complaint Cell:

An online portal has been established in KPK and will soon be available for Lahore city. This stance has been taken to improve the communication bridge between students and the education ministry who can keep a check on better and improved educational structures. Students can feel free to convey their educational problems anytime through an online portal. It will not only help them to focus on their studies and stay in touch with their education administration but also it has saved time. In this modern time, it is important to follow modern patterns in education as well. The online portal is undoubtedly a great help for students and parents and a handy connection with the government.

How to Register a Complaint?

The government has made it easier to register complaints by providing people multiple sources. Now students and parents can register complaints through the given contact number, by visiting the education complaint cell, by registering the complaint on the online portal via the link mentioned below.

The government has now passed orders to mention complaint cell contact numbers outside all the schools. It has been made easier and the communication gap between the education ministry and students will be eradicated through this type of solution. After the complaint is registered, rapid action will be taken to provide the solution or to solve the student’s problem.


The purpose of providing this facility to students and parents is to build up an improved educational structure. The more their complaints will be entertained, the more the educational system will be improved. Also, students who might face issues regarding exams and tests and may not have a quick solution to their problem will have another way to cope up with their problem. It is necessary to keep students focused and connected to studies instead of indulging in unnecessary hassle within the school, college, and university. It is the direct complaint facility which can help to bring good change and to ensure the fair implementation of educational policies.


Some key advantages of this service are to facilitate students with a handy facility to register their complaints because then they won’t have to rush within the institute and that will save time as well. Effective solutions to common problems can be resolved permanently and the unique problems will also have a quick response through complaint cells. It will be easier for the education ministry to figure out the running queries, problems, and hassle some issues that are being faced by students so that they will be able to cater to them accordingly. This is the direct way to communicate government about a common man’s problems and feel free to convey the message.

Role of Government:

The government has been responsible for education and its traits. After establishing education compliant cell and many other facilities for students, they are still thinking to improve and make the educational system better. The government’s role in this regard is very important as they have now built up a direct way to listen to common people’s problems in educational institutes. Since education is an important matter of any country, it has to be prioritized and looked upon responsibly. Facilitating students with such services is the best way to bring good changes and betterment into society. The educated community has the edge to make a better society with their acts.


To excel and prosper through educated behaviours is the main goal behind this broad and rational approach. This is also the motivation for students to struggle towards success and work harder. Students usually get inspired by such revolutionary steps. Their enthusiasm gets a boost when they are provided with an improved education system. working and learning within a good environment and ambiance has another level of satisfaction for people. They tend to focus more on their studies and enjoy the time. Enjoying studies adds on to results. The government has started working on betterment for students and that will be a good turn out in the system.

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