BISE Lahore

What is BISE Lahore?

What is BISE Lahore? Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education is the largest examination system in the Lahore division which controls all the board examination matters of students apart from any involvement of schools and colleges under the government’s supervision. Initially, the board examination system was associated with Punjab University but after taking permission, BISE Lahore took control of all the board examination matters officially in 1955 and progressed on a larger scale.

It is the governing body that administers all the matters without any consent of relevant educational institutions. They provide their attendants to pay attention to the even-handed and fair conduct in the examination. Information of students is kept private and confidential in departments where unauthorized people cannot go without permission.

Once this division was on board, there was a huge increase in the number of candidates in the country and so the more division boards were established in Multan, Sargodha, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sahiwal and other major districts. As of now, more than thirty boards are working at the division level. All provinces have their boards in major districts.

All the private schools and colleges within this division are affiliated with this board. 9th and 10th papers due time are usually between March and April while the intermediate 11 and 12 papers duration is from May to June. Theory papers are taken before the practical papers which are conducted lately after the written papers and taken in practical rooms of certain different centres.

Board is formed with a Compilation of few governing figures who collaborate and work significantly for the same office.

Governing people who pertain to the board office are as follows;

The Chairman, The Vice-Chancellor who is nominated by the Chairman, All Executive district officers of this area, The Director of education nominated by him, Representative of Finance and Education within the rank of Deputy Secretary, a Principal of any Degree College to be nominated by the authorities, One Principal of an intermediate college, Two Headmasters and one Headmistress of schools, two persons from amongst Scholars and retired Educationists.

All the above people are nominated by their authorities and must belong to the areas within the jurisdiction of the board.

Moreover, Examination board matters are usually headed by the designated Chairman who is assisted by two more people, Secretary and Controller of Examination.

They are the higher authorities who are majorly responsible for students’ degrees, exams, and results. Without the consent and sign of these people, students cannot have their documents verified. They can also attest to the degree or any other important document as the government’s high ranked employee.

Matric Result:

Since 9th class papers were not commenced due to COVID-19 and students were promoted to 10th class however, students were able to appear in 10th class board exams with all precautionary measures.

The matric result was previously expected to be announced on 14th September 2020 while it has now been delayed due to the CIVID-19 situation. Practical marks were not managed and now the government has decided to complete this process by adding 50% confirmed marks in practical while the other 50% marks will be given keeping in view students ‘performance in theory papers. No further announcement notification is confirmed yet.

Purpose of BISE Lahore:

This examination system is established to ensure the magnificent and unbiased results in a pure and reasonable environment so that only deserving students can come in front and competently contribute to the world.

Merit-based admissions and results are prioritized to encourage students to work hard. The board office stores millions of students’ information which is provided anytime on need.

It is the main centre for all relevant student’s assistance in all examination matters. Students appear multiple times in board exams and sometimes repeat their exams in the form of supply papers, everything of that student is recorded under the supervision of designated employees at the office and nobody can ever access that information.

Benefits of BISE Lahore:

This division facilitates students to its edge. it has made all the examination matters easier for students.

First of all, students have a certain sense of security with a board examination system that is trustworthy to an extent. Students are unknown to the attendants so that without any help papers and results can be justified.

There is a set standard followed by the board for admission for exams until the results and issuance of degrees.

Students can appear in board exams through their schools regularly and privately as well. 9th. 10th, 11th, and 12th classes’ exams and results procedures are different and their conduct and announcement take place one after the other. For intermediate level classes, it offers a variety of programs in different formats such as; FA, ICS, ICOM, and FSC with the same marks scheme.

Relevant schools or colleges gather student’s academic and personal documents or the candidates on their own send them to the board office along with an admission fee. After all the verifications are done, students are given a date sheet in the form of a roll number slip containing all details with their picture on it for security and identification measures. Students appear in exams according to the schedules and in a few months, their results reveal which are unbiased. Students can also view their results online by giving their roll numbers on BISE Lahore’s website which is

Students can easily visit the board offices with any query regarding their exams, results reports, rechecking of papers.

Those who fail in one or more exams can appear again in supply exams which once again a similar procedure as regular exams.

Students are given time to time scholarships or other facilities announced by the board. A national talent scholarship was offered to secondary school highest scorers in 2015.

The Chairman of the Board has recently introduced a One-Window facility for students to provide them time-saving services accordingly in one place.

Jobs at BISE Lahore:

It is a government sector that provides more facilities than any private sector. Usually on need hiring is managed online and in newspapers giving the details city-wise and updated on on daily bases. Eligible candidates can apply for jobs for this office when the add is published in newspapers and on a website containing all the requirements and other job criteria.

Officials on board must have a great sense of responsibility as they maintain, provide, and handle sensitive information regarding student’s exams and results.

Awards by BISE Lahore:

This is not only the best examination system but it also provides brilliant students the opportunities to rise and shine. Those who get to achieve the highest marks and top positions in exams are awarded scholarships in the form of various discounts, free education for specific years, an opportunity to study abroad, money prizes, and medals.

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