What does the Department of Education do?

What does the department of education and training do?

What does the Department of Education do?

What does the Department of Education do? The Department of Education leads the planning and development of permanent training, a right and an obligation of all teachers, and the responsibility of the educational administrations and the centers themselves. The Department for Education is a ministerial department of Government. The government is responsible for the protection of children’s education. Whether the education is compulsory, higher or continuing and vocational, they have the authority.

The Ministry of Education takes charge of educational matters. They make sure that the proposal and execution of the Government’s policy are correct. The education and professional training of the educational system are analyzed for employment terms. All the teachings of the educational system are included in their authority except the university ones.

Likewise, this Department is responsible for promoting cooperation actions. They also promote international relations in matters of non-university education and professional training for employment.

Department of education and employment:

It functions of the role of Educational Guidance. Several people handle the matters within this department. They make sure that all the educational policies are being executed. The management deal with multiple things including exams, results, and course outlines for each educational class. They ensure the implementation of rules and regulations. The purpose of the orientation is to contribute to the development of the student body in all its aspects. That includes; cognitive, professional, academic, social, emotional, moral development, etc. This is also called the development of the integral personality of the students.

Functions and tasks of the educational counselor:

  • Identify educational needs.
  • They identify educational needs in the center, classrooms, and in specific students.
  • Psycho pedagogical advice to teachers.
  • Advice to families in their educational work.
  • Coordination with other resources.
  • Continuous training.

How much does a teacher earn?

Education is one of the pillars of society. This is why special attention must be paid to the care of the teaching body. Secondary teachers are state officials. So they are entitled to a monthly salary set by the Government.
Not only you will enjoy extensive employment benefits. But if you get a place as a secondary school teacher, you will also receive an average of 2,500 or more gross amount per month. Of course, it will depend on the autonomous community in which you get the position.

Why do we need the department of education?

Currently, the education system faces numerous challenges. Among them, there is a lack of resources to cover all the needs. Budget cuts, the reduction of teachers and support teachers, the shortage of specialized personnel, and the insufficient attention to minority groups.

Students with special educational needs, students with different origins and cultural values, children who do not know the language, ethnic minorities, students at risk of social exclusion. They are those who have suffered an eviction or are living in situations of poverty or vulnerability.
All the above-mentioned aspects are the reason why we need the department of education. It is the source of a great change in society. Their special focus will be beneficial to the need of the day.

What does the secretary of education make?

The secretary of education plays an important part in the department of education. He directs, organizes, and plans the educational service in accordance with the constitutional and legal provisions.
The purposes of education established in the laws are regulated in the public educational services through authoritative directions. The conditions of quality, relevance, equity, efficiency, efficacy, and effectiveness are also part of secretarial duties. The department of education executes departmental education policies, plans, programs, and projects. All of this has been done by the objectives of the Departmental Development Plan. It takes place following the Education policies of the National Government.

They have to direct and control the continuous improvement of the educational training. All the pedagogical and institutional processes are taken into account within the educational entities of the Department. To obtain excellent results, special policies are designed for the young generation.
Advanced teacher training is also processed through the department of education with academic and pedagogical needs. It is done in accordance with the results of evaluations and the educational department’s own needs.

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