Two Year Bachelor Degree Programs in Pakistan.

In recent times, few major changes have been made in the education system by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) who has amended bachelor’s degree policy.
All the colleges and Universities have been informed through the notice that two years’ bachelor’s degree will be eradicated and all bachelor’s programs will be done in 4 years. Two Year Bachelor Degree Programs in Pakistan will now be called as Associate Degrees.

BA as Associate Degree of Arts (ADA)

B. Com as Associate Degree of (ADC)

BSC as Associate Degree of (ADS)

Above mentioned programs have been specifically planned for those students who tend to achieve two years’ bachelor degree in the best possible short time to step into professional life.
A grand meeting of HEC was held to announce this policy and many public questions were responded to clear queries. However, it was also cleared that students who are already enrolled in two years’ program and are in the middle of their studies will be awarded an Associate Degree at the end of the year.
If a student has continued studies in four-year program and then changes mind in the middle of it, can be provided with an Associate Degree or else a student who was already into it and aims to continue in 4 years’ program will be able to study and proceed for 4 years’ bachelor’s degree.
A student who has completed studies in an Associate Degree and wants to take admission in 4 years’ degree program will be able to take admission in any bachelor program or avail the option to continue studies and get four years’ degree to have better academic profile.
Associate Degree is an undergraduate program that comes right after 12th class (secondary school). It enables students to get basic and skillful knowledge about professional life. whereas, a bachelor degree is more considerable and valuable when it comes to getting a job. 4 year bachelor degree will be preferred on Associate Degree.
It is comparatively affordable and its worth doubles up when you go for a course to get skilled in a specific area.

Two Years’ Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

• Associate Degree (AD) – Finance & Accounting.
• Associate Degree (AD) – Computer Science.
• Associate Degree (AD) – Information Technology Management.
• Associate Degree (AD) – Commerce
• Associate Degree (AD) – Arts
• Associate Degree (AD) – Sales and Marketing
• Associate Degree (AD) – Science
More over students can also choose Associate Degrees based on the following subjects.
• Accounting
• Arts
• Banking
• Biology
• Business Administration
• Business Law
• Civil Engineering
• Communications
• Computer Science
• Database Administration
• Digital Media
• E-Commerce
• Economics
• Education
• Electrical Engineering
• Engineering
• English
• Finance
• Graphic Design
• Human Resources
• Information Technology
• Marketing
• Multimedia
• Pharmacy
• Political Science
• Psychology
• Sales
• Software Engineering
• Teaching

2 Year Degree Program Vs 4 Year Degree Program:

You may be confused about what selection you should make. Let’s draw a comparison between both to have some clear understanding.
An associate degree is a new addition in the education system. students who want to hurry and get to work or complete studies in less possible time go for this degree. It enables students to learn the basics of any field in two years with a degree in their hands. To get some relevant knowledge and to become a college graduate, it is the best option.
4 Years’ Degree program is comparatively more specified and illuminates all aspects of the selected field. Pupils get specialization in the chosen field during the four years. All dimensions of the selected fields are included in semester wise coursework. Students who aim to dedicate themselves to proper learning of a career-oriented field, tend to choose this program.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Two Years’ Degree Program:
Without any doubt, it enhances the knowledge of students and allows them to be competent and skilled in their area of work within their means but it entail some disadvantages too.
An associate degree is less preferred in high profile companies. In the market, there are very few organizations that hire people with this degree in a good position. Either you need to get a diploma along with it or go for business to catch up with this fast-paced world. It is two-year full-time study programs divided into four semesters.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Four Years’ Degree Program:

Understandably, this will take the student a long time for getting a degree in hand and step into professional life. Moreover, a big amount of money will be spent throughout these four years. Hence proved, it takes a long process in terms of time, money, and degree.
But don’t forget! Choosing a four years’ program gives you more exposure, knowledge, adds value to your profile, and what not? Students with this degree are considered specialized in the relevant field and preferred over others. Also, it makes students eligible for direct admission in MS or M. Phil programs.
This step has been taken to upgrade the university level in the educational system and so everyone will gradually get used to this new scheme of studies.
Fortunately, there are now two types of undergraduate degrees are being offered to the students in Pakistan that not only lessens people’s burden but also provide them numerous opportunities to get knowledge and prosper in professional life.

Experience in College:

In college, it provides students a great experience to learn new things, explore the world according to their interests, and get appropriate knowledge. Several internships according to the fields are also offered to students at the end of the years which can contribute a productive experience for them. It then enables them to get on the right path in professionalism.

Can I get a Degree Online?

Yes! Distant education in Pakistan has become so common among students specially women, for working people and those who cannot afford to go out and get education. Online students follow get admission in specific Universities that offer online programs such as Allama Iqbal Open University and Virtual University. Students can take much advantage from these online programs without any difficulty, on their door steps as they get all the course books delivered to their houses and online assignments. Although they can avail the facility of face-to-face meetings with their supervisors, they can still feel comfortable with this type of hassle-free education system.
Respective Universities offer both two years’ and four years’ programs for online students and expect them to complete all the given assignments and tasks during study period. At the end of the year, it is necessary for students to appear in exams at the examination centers accordingly
After Completion of Degree:
Pupils to start a business do not need to worry as it is going to benefit them in many ways. Subject to the relevant field they get enough education to start a business or work in some organizations. For those who are in hurry and want to start a practical life, it is a better option. So yes it is worth it in the professional world to get an Associate Degree in much less time and money.

Career after an Associate Degree?

Make the right selection while choosing any program that can benefit you in the future. People can try to get knowledge about business during the course so that once they have completed this degree, they can move and build up a business setup. Else students can search for jobs in companies who don’t care about the degree but skill and ability to perform. Government and private sectors can welcome associate degree holders where required.
Since it is an economical way of getting a degree in a short time. Many students take advantage of this new change.
If students, at any time decide to get admission to a bachelor’s program, they are already in the halfway of it.

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