How to Make Teaching Effective?

Effective teaching skills can improve our education and social system and have an impact on all aspects of life. Every teacher needs to implement all techniques and strategies that can improve the academic and moral qualities of all students according to their abilities. Some students have God gifted skills and some of them have to be polished by the teacher. The effective teaching methods may include the best supervision of students while taking care of them individually, especially of those who are weak in curricular and extra-curricular activities or suffer some health issues. Teacher needs to take attention of students during study time period.

teaching skills

Better learning can be made possible if the teacher comes prepared and keeps everything planned with proper homework about the classroom lesson which includes lesson planning with the division of time period. The lessons should always be interactive enough to keep the students engaged the whole time. Good examples leave a long time impact and a better effect on students. Every successful person including a Scientist, Engineer or President of some country was once a student to some teacher.

Teachers need to utilize both lectures and discussions as the teaching methods for a healthy classroom environment. Preplanned and also the surprise tests taken in written or oral format can improve the efficiency of the overall result. Assignments and presentations perform a key role in improving the hidden qualities of students. Teachers need to help students in improving their overall personality by allowing them to learn the usage of different usage of gesture and posture according to their topics of presentations.

Teachers should be available for guidance and keep in touch with their students for the purpose of providing assistance with their academics and should also focus on mentoring their ethical skills. Teachers should motivate their students to take part in healthy activities by arranging some effective things they can perform inside or outside the classrooms. In order to make teaching effective teachers can try to use some simulation techniques for the students to get them to be interested and work on the clarity of their concepts. Rote memorization and blind recitation techniques should be avoided at all costs as they kill the conceptualization process and do not help with the inculcation of ability for critical thinking in students.

The Principles of Effective Teaching Skills Involve:

  • Encouraging contact between students and faculty.
  • Developing reciprocity and cooperation among students.
  • Encouraging active learning.
  • Giving prompt feedback.
  • Emphasizing time-bound practice with different tasks.
  • Communicating high expectations.
  • Respecting diverse talents and individual ways of learning.

Teachers are always responsible for taking care of the activities their students get involved in individually or in groups. Teachers have to become role models for students and lead them to towards the right track that involves learning that student can become a respectable member of society.

Proper check and balance on students is very important, especially in class and their homework should be regularly monitored along with the activities they perform on their notebooks and test sheets. The assigned tasks should be regularly evaluated for an overall positive response to achieve good results.

If the teacher finds any mistakes in the student’s work it is then the duty of teacher to highlight that and make corrections in best way possible, so that the student does not feel embarrassed or discouraged and can understand the corrections properly to avoid the same mistakes in future.

A good teacher provides the students with proper remarks and shows appreciation on good performance of the students to encourage them and does not forget to take proper measures to offer effective guidelines on their mistakes.

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