Short Courses after FA General Science

What is FA General Science?

FA General Science (FA-GS) is a significant and worthwhile intermediate program. You can read complete details of Short Courses after FA General Science here in this content. It holds all the core educational aspects within one program. After matriculation, this is the common choice of students who neither want to get into medical field nor in the simple banking, computer or arts field. Students who want access to more than a specific field programs, take admission in this program. FA-GS is the key to open many career opportunities for people. This type of study does not restrict one to a specific option. Regardless of Medical field, these students can go for a wide range of fields including computer science, banking, arts, economics, social working or activism and business management.
Sometimes it is not possible for everyone to get desired education or study in a desired college or university. They have low income resources but they hold a certain passion and eagerness to achieve something. Education never closes its door for such brilliant people and provide easiest ways of getting professional education.
Many institutes have started to offer variety of short courses and diplomas to ensure the provision of professional education for people so that they can pursue to enhance their knowledge and build a strong and bright future.

Following is the List of Short Courses after FA-GS.

• Accounting
• Banking
• Finance
• Economics
• Business Management
• Activist
• Software Engineering
• Computer Science
• Sales Management
• Financial Analyst
• Trader
• Auditor
• Cyber Security Course
• Mobile App Development
• Digital Marketing


An accountant mainly deals with account related tasks which may include, the opening of accounts, audit of financial information, providing account statements, and any required information to the customers. They also interact with bank management to provide required data and information.


Banking sectors are all about managing finances in different scenarios. Usually bankers are given the responsibilities to manage money in the form of savings, loans, retirement plans, withdrawals, deposits, issuance of credit or debit cards or provide support to any other requests of the customers.


Courses related to finance gives the basic knowledge of money related matters. It can be about debit, credit, investment and dealing in any other financial matters.


Through this course study, students learn the economical matter of the country. It is a social science that deals in production, consumption, and distribution focusing on the economic agents’ behaviour and interactions.

Business Management:

This type of course provides all the knowledge about how one can manage to have a good business. Its traits and methods to produce earnings through business sources.


Essentially an activist is a person who aims to serve the country or nation for good. Such people may be associated with some NGO or any other company. They are the social workers who are keen to bring good changes in society.

Software Engineering:

It is the learning about software development through coding. Software engineers’ main duty is to ensure its maintenance and provide error-free service to clients. Students also learn to resolve queries related to applications in this course.

Computer Science:

Computer Science is the learning about dealing with computers’ different applications and software. It is the study about algorithmic processes that include theory, design, development and application. Computer scientist can deal in both, software and hardware.

Sales Management:

Sales is the core part of any company. The revenue totally depends on sale that is why Sales’ Manager’s primary responsibility lies in the provision of gainful strategies for the team. They learn to implement right policies that can result in expansion of sale rate and demand of the product.

Financial Analyst:

Financial Analyst’s role is to provide strategic solutions to a company for increasing the sale rate and decreasing the expenditure rate. Students learn to make smart moves in financial markets by using the best methods that are beneficial for business sectors.


It is more of a business field. Students learn the traits and techniques of trading as it requires a lot of policy matters and rule while trading any materials or products.


Auditor plays the most crucial role in the company. One with this title, handles most sensitive and worthwhile tasks. It is more about a check and balance game in terms of money, employees and other matters. An auditor is responsible to examine and ensure the implementation of policies. In case of any corruption found during audit, strict actions are taken against the guilty person.

Cyber Security Course:

Defending any outside destruction to the application, data, server, or devices is called cyber security, it also includes the prevention of interrupted services to the clients. It is quite a worthwhile course that holds a big responsibility in terms of taking care of applications wholly by providing protected systems.

Mobile App Development:

Mobile app development emphases more on the creation of mobile applications through development. It may deal in android and IOS application’s installation and design. Students learn to develop a mobile application, software integration, and use of unconventional features in this course. It provides great opportunities for jobs in the market.

Digital Marketing:

It means to publicize different products online through digital media based on computers and mobiles. In this course, students learn the techniques of posting adds on different websites to increase their purchase rate and make the product accessible and familiar to everyone through the media. They can also provide online purchase facilities along with the add so that people who are interested can easily manage to buy or get the certain product. It comes in the form of different adds on media, online shopping, online admission and other online things that we see daily on different websites.

All the above mentioned courses are easily available in many educational institutes and online. Students can take these courses to become a professional in the relevant field. These are specially designed to make young people professionally skilled and capable of working even with a less education or degree. People can get desired knowledge in less fee structure and time through this type of course study.

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