Microsoft Certification is being offered to all Punjab Colleges Students.


In 2020, Punjab Colleges began offering the Microsoft Certification Program to all of its students in order to continue the tradition of delivering top-notch education to the next generation. Since most companies utilize Microsoft products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on a daily basis, Punjab Colleges has decided that teaching its students how to use these tools is important.

This will not only help students in their academic lives but also prove beneficial in their professional lives. So, enrolling for

What is the Purpose of Microsoft Certifications?

Microsoft Certification’s goal is to provide market-relevant knowledge and abilities through innovative project-based certification, practical exercises, and complete command of all features of a particular Microsoft Office product.

In addition, students can gain practical knowledge in well-equipped computer labs built on the campus of the Punjab Group of Colleges with the most current technology. The main objective of this program by PGC is to make sure that the fundamental components are available for students to succeed in a variety of roles in the actual world.

What Microsoft Certifications Are Being Offered at PGC?

PGC offers its students three kinds of Microsoft certifications. These include:

1. Microsoft Word

MS Word, one of the most popular word processing programs available, offers a one-stop shop for all your document development needs, whether it’s a straightforward letter, a colourful brochure, or an official product portfolio.

MS Word enables you to customize and produce documents that are appealing and simple to modify and that are simple to share, print, and collaborate on. These pre-designed templates range from basic documents to pamphlets, certificates, visiting cards, and invitations.

2. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a versatile spreadsheet and data analysis tool with numerous features. A smart technique to learn Excel quickly and effectively is to enrol in our Microsoft certifications program. There are several benefits of learning Excel for your career that you should consider.

Your marketability as a job candidate increases if you learn Excel. Because of the numerous uses for Excel, employers place a high value on these skills. You may learn more advanced Excel techniques that will make you stand out in the job market by taking Excel courses. Excel can be applied in a number of situations, such as:

  • Making timetables for the staff.
  • Budget management.
  • Keeping track of costs and income.
  • Inventory administration.
  • To represent data, make charts, infographics, and dashboards.

3. Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint gives users the ability to make engaging and memorable visual presentations for a range of uses. PowerPoint’s sophisticated features enable users to incorporate dynamic animations and 3D-modelled images into their designs, allowing them to build more complicated presentations than simply text projected onto a screen

Furthermore, it is extensively used for making presentations by everyone from students to businesspeople. Many layouts and animations are available in PowerPoint. Furthermore, it includes various Background design options. So, you can display slides at specific times. On it, you will be able to create vital works like our projects, audio clips, and video content.

So, enroll in our Microsoft certification program right now. How? Let me tell you.

Features of the PGC Microsoft Certification Program

Our Microsoft certification program is free of cost. YES! You heard it right. IT IS TOTALLY FREE. In addition, the coaching classes we provide are also free. So, you do not have to pay a single penny to learn these important skills.

Procedure to Register in Microsoft Certification Program

Step 1: Get our free registration or application form at your campus.

Step 2: Fill out the form and hand it into your college coordinator.

Step 3: Now, wait for the commencement date of the coaching session which will be revealed following your board exams.

Step 4: After completing coaching classes, conduct internal testing.

Step 5: Take the international exam to assess your MOS proficiency.

Step 6: After passing the exam, you will be awarded certification.

The Punjab Group of Colleges recently held a Prize Distribution Ceremony, which was attended by Raja Yasir Hamayun Sarfraz, Punjab Education Minister for Higher Education.

He complimented Punjab Colleges in his address for offering young people a high-quality education and boosting the nation’s development. He praised the Microsoft Certification Program that the Group gave to all of its intermediate students and presented certificates to those who had finished it successfully.


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