How to Join ISI?

ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence):

ISI is the mysterious Pakistani secret service. The Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate is the main and big intelligence agency. It is the equivalent of the American CIA and is known by the acronym ISI. ISI agents are subject to certain rules. There are currently around 10,000 ISI members and agents, all with different approaches and specializations. You can read complete details of How to Join ISI? in this article.

If you want to join ISI, you must verify that you are a Pakistani citizen with your birth certificates. Only Pakistani citizens can join the ISI. People secretly work for this force. Nobody is aware of their work around them.

The members train for the physical demands of an ISI agent. Members of the military will have an advantage over civilians. Anyone from the armed forces can join the ISI, but you will have to work hard. Training involves building physical endurance, body strength, and being familiar with combat.

They apply to Intelligence Services at School. This is necessary for anyone who wishes to be an ISI agent, regardless of whether they are civilians or members of the military. While in the program, students should think about the branch of ISI that they would like to highlight. If they work hard enough, applicants can receive a temporary position as an official ISI.

They are so fast and keen in their services that recently a stormy relationship between the United States and Pakistan returned to the headlines on Wednesday. The trigger, the news was that the main Pakistani intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) directory, arrested five people accused of being CIA informants in that country.

To further increase the resentment that many Western governments feel for the Pakistani secret services. They are sometimes described as a body more powerful than the civilian government to which they allegedly respond.

While thinking about how to join ISI, choose a division to enter. The exact organization of the ISI is unknown, but it is believed to be between six and eight divisions. These divisions focus on various specialties, such as intelligence policy, telecommunications intelligence, political intelligence, infiltration, and propaganda.

Many people struggle hard to become a permanent ISI agent. You will need to wait while your application is finalized and you move from temporary to permanent. Continue to improve your skills and demonstrate the achievements that you have made. That goes to show that you deserve the opportunity to be an ISI agent.

How to Join ISI?

ISI hires members of armed forces. The armed forces include, Army, Navy, or Air force. People who are already working in any of these armed forces will be eligible to join ISI easily. There is a certain procedure that allow you to join ISI with all facilities. After the submission of application, students will appear for some following tests.

  • IQ and Intelligence
  • IQ and Creativity and
  • IQ tests in general with other necessary tests that will decide the entry of a person in ISI.
  • Students with intermediate and graduation can apply.

After clearing the tests, applicant will be called for interviews. Officials of the Federal Public Service Commission will analyse the applicant’s skills and intelligence and that if the person is appropriate for the certain job.

Once the job is done, students will be able to get the professional training in the official space of ISI. It will be a proud moment though. Becoming part of ISI is not less than anything. Very few lucky people get the chance to showcase their skills at such big and recognized organizations. People keep dreaming of how to join ISI but the ones who struggle for it, achieve the right place for them in ISI.

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