Free Pre 1st Year 2024 at PGC is Open Now!

Pre 1st Year 2024 Admission at PGC
Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) is a well-known educational group in Pakistan. Every year, many students appear in intermediate board exams through Punjab Colleges, and many of them grab the top positions on the boards in Punjab. Keeping its tradition of empowering the youth of Pakistan, PGC has initiated free Pre 1st year 2024 classes. Details are a part of this article.

What is’ Pre 1st Year’?  

Pre 1st year classes are the early intermediate classes for the students who are free after matric exams. Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) arranges the post-matric, pre- first year classes every year. 

Keeping the practice alive, PGC has launched the pre 1st year 2024 for those who want to get into intermediate (11th and 12th )education before anyone else. How would getting into the pre-first year be beneficial for students? Let’s investigate it.   

Pre 1st Year 2024

How will it Benefit Post-Matric Students?

Previous years have shown massive progress for our Pre-first year students. The benefits are listed below.  

  1. Students get familiar with intermediate, course and exam processes. 
  2. Students will learn from the best faculty in pre-first year classes.  
  3. Pre-First Year Classes offers a clarity and career options for students for early consideration and career choices.  
  4. Students become familiar with the grading system.  
  5. Early adaptation of the curriculum and knowledge base results in boosted confidence in Students.  
  6. Furthermore, students also become aware of their strengths and weaknesses.  
  7. In addition, students get ample time for revision till board exams.  

why PGC is the best for Pre First Year 2024Fee Structure for PGC Pre 1st year 

The most exciting thing about the pre first year 2024 is that PGC is offering these without any money spent by students. Yes, PGC brings the free pre 1st year classes 2024. Hence, it is a golden opportunity to utilise your available time resources in the best way possible after matric exams are over.  

Classes Offered in PGC pre-first Year 2024 

Lets discuss the classes open for enrolment in the free pre 1st year 2024. Students can get themselves enrolled in any of the following disciplines.  

  • FSC (Premedical) 
  • FSC (Engineering) 
  • ICS 
  • ICOM 
  • FA 

Therefore, you will get a chance to start your intermediates from one of the best intermediate institutions in Punjab. Surely, Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) can be your ideal choice for acing your intermediate classes.  

Why is PGC an ideal choice for intermediate?  

Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) is the name of excellence when it comes to education in Pakistan. Over the years, our students have successfully landed positions at top universities.  

Top Positions in Board Exams 

Likewise, in 2023, students from Punjab Colleges secured 171 top positions in all of Punjab’s intermediate boards. Pakistan’s best medical, engineering and IT institutes accept students from Punjab Colleges thanks to the efficient teaching methods and practical learning approach. 

Experience College Life Early 

Yes, just like these, you can also fulfil your dream to join the largest educational network and learn by heart what intermediate offers to teach you through the Pre 1st year classes. The students will have access to the rich campus life, offering them the opportunity to explore 

  • Clubs & Societies 
  • Annual Sports Gala 
  • Study & Recreational Trips 
  • Welcome & Farewell Events 

Facilities at PGC 

Furthermore, Punjab Colleges offers state-of-the-art facilities to the students, that enable them to continue with their studies without any concern. The facilities are listed as under. 

  • Purpose Built Campuses 
  • Well Equipped Labs & Libraries 
  • Microsoft Certifications 
  • Experience of Robotics Labs 

Apply through Website for PGC Pre 1st Year 2024 

Interested students who are free after their matric exams can apply for PGC Pre 1st year 2024 through the online admission portal available on the PGC website.  

For more details, our blog is available on the website. Also, you can contact us at toll-free 0800 78608.  

Final Words 

Now that matric board exams are over, students have excessive time available. It is always beneficial to utilise your free time for productive activities. There are many options available nationwide. However, the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) brings an exciting educational package and will surely be helpful for your future career choice. We have now opened the 2024 Pre 1st year Classes for post-matric students for free. Enrol through the online portal in the discipline for class 11 of your choice and take the lead ahead before many other students.  



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