FA Subjects Combination for Private Students

Private students:

Private students are those who choose to study from home. It means that they study on their own. You can read details of FA Subjects Combination for Private Students here. Students send a request for admission in the selected program through the board office by personal visit and get admission after completion of all formalities. They have nothing to do with any school or college. They only complete the course work of the chosen program and at the time of exams, they appear in board examination centers and get results in the form of mark sheets or degrees.

Students who want to get private admission in FA, will choose required subjects from the groups given by the board office or from the official website and make their combination out of the customary lists of subjects. There is plenty of subjects offered in FA programs and out of all those subjects, one from each group (Three in total) has to be combined accordingly.

Three subject’s combination is made out of all elective subjects which are followed by more three compulsory subjects (English, Urdu, and Islamiyat). Islamiyat is replaced with Pak studies in Part-II, 2nd year of the program. An alternative subject for non-muslim students is Ethics instead of Islamiyat.

Complete details are given below.


FA is an intermediate program that means Faculty of Arts. It is an inter-level degree after matriculation. students who have done their matric in Arts subjects usually go for FA in college. Two types of students choose this program, Regular students, and Private students.

Regular Students; are those who get admission to any relevant college and follow their learning pattern and scheme of study. Their board exam matters are managed by their college.

Private Students; are those who do not get admission to any college and choose to study on their own. They handle board exam matters privately apart from any college interference and get results after the board examinations are conducted.

These students share only one similarity which is, they both appear in a specific board examination center, attempt exams, and get results.

The following are the subjects offered in FA programs in form of different combinations.

Arabic, Psychology, History, Nursing, French, Economics, Computer Science., Persian, Fine Arts, Punjabi, English Literature, Education, Islamiyat Elective, Geography, Urdu Advanced, Civics, History, Sociology, H. Economics, Philosophy, Physical Education.

All the above mentioned subjects are combined in form of three subjects’ groups and selected as a combination.

As an example,

FA combinations list may be the following:

1st Group2nd Group3rd Group
Languages(English Literature, Persian, French, Punjabi)CivicsIslamic History
Advanced UrduPhilosophyComputer
World HistoryFine ArtsMusic
Library ScienceHome EconomicsPhysical Education

Students will be required to choose one subject from each group and take it as a combination of the FA program along with three compulsory subjects.

How to Apply?

First of all, you must decide which board do you want to select. Make sure the board you choose is relevant according to your city and district.

Boards List:

  • Lahore Board
  • Faisalabad Board
  • Bahawalpur Board
  • Multan Board
  • Rawalpindi Board
  • Dera Ghazi Khan Board’
  • Sargodha Board
  • Gujranwala Board
  • Sahiwal Board

Private students must download the admission form from the chosen board’s official website, fill the form and submit it in the fixed bank along with a processing fee or they can also visit the board office in person for details.

Once the fee has been paid in the bank, the student will now attach the matric result with the form and the fee deposit slip to submit the documents at the pertinent board office. Admission documents can also be sent by mailing post directly to that office address.

Students have the liberty to appear in any relevant board and process their admission. They will appear in exams once they have prepared for board examination and got the scheduled date sheet.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students who are interested to study FA (Faculty of Arts) privately must have done their matriculation or have an equivalent.
  • Both the Science and Arts students can prepare for FA board exams and send their board admission as private students.

Benefits of Private Education:

Usually, two kinds of people choose to study privately. Those who do not have time to go out and study because of some work or people who cannot afford education expenses.

Private study benefits students in both ways as it does not restrict one from getting an education even in difficult times. Pakistan’s education system has improved and modernized so much that education is now accessible even in rural areas and to everybody in many ways. People are given scholarships, discounts and opportunities to build up their careers and flourish in the world.

Scope of Private FA:

A private FA degree has the same value as the regular student’s degree. It does not make any huge difference in any way. They can get admission in subsequent Associate or Bachelor degree programs without any inconvenience. Anybody with this degree who does not want to proceed for further studies and wish to start a career can surely go for it without any hassle.

Can FA Students Choose the Science field in Private Bachelors?

Neither regular nor private students with an FA degree program can choose any science-based degree programs in bachelor. Those degrees may include ADS, BSC, BS in medical-related subjects. Students must make up their minds about their choice for science and arts subjects. Those who did matric in arts subjects will not be eligible for admission in FSC and the same case is with an arts degree in intermediate.

Jobs for Private Students:

It is a misconception that such students cannot get jobs easily. It is all about the willingness of someone to work because hard work pays off. People who are keen on their career development or want to start a business can get what they want. Jobs like cashier, General Banking Officer, Event manager, HR Assistant, Graphic Designer, Marketing Associate, College level Assistant, and many more options that can be availed for job or business.

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