DPT Scope in Pakistan

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a treatment given to relieve physical pain or any muscular or bone disorder. This therapy relies on the individual’s medical history and physical examination to reach a diagnosis. Therefore, the diagnosis helps them create a management plan. Additionally, they can incorporate the results of laboratory and imaging studies such as X-rays, CT scans, or MRI findings.

Physical therapy has been the best treatment for physical pain. It has worked more wonders than pain relievers. Furthermore, it has improved human daily function and mobility as well.

The first response most people have when they are in pain is to see a doctor. Interestingly, most of them don’t even consider a chiropractor probably because they ignore that office. Well, we will help you differentiate them.

The article details below clearly represent everything you will learn about DPT.

Physiotherapy involves has certain activities. Those activities include prescription or assistance with chosen exercises, manual therapy, and manipulation.

The idea of ​​physical therapy is to help people prevent loss of mobility before it occurs. They do this by developing programs geared towards wellness and physical well-being. That aim for people’s healthier and more active lifestyles.

Physiotherapy is a professional career that has many branches.

What do physical therapists do?

Physiotherapists design plans that address the physical pain or other relevant treatment for their patients. These programs, which most often involve exercises, aim to bring the person to a point of balance and physical strength.

Individuals in sports will be forever grateful to physical therapists for the role they play.

Where do physical therapists work?

Additionally, physical therapists also serve in non-patient care roles such as health policies, health insurance, health care administration, and health care executives.

Physiotherapists are involved in the medico-legal field acting as experts, conducting peer reviews and independent medical examinations.

As you can see, physical therapists play an important role in the general health sector.

How can I become a physical therapist?

Becoming a physical therapist may not be as difficult as becoming a doctor in other fields. However, the following steps reveal how anyone can become a physical therapist. These steps include;

Step 1: Get a Bachelor’s Degree in a Health-Related Field:

Before you can enroll in a doctoral program in physical therapy, you must meet certain prerequisites. One of them generally involves completing a bachelor’s program with a large dose of the following courses:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physical Therapy

We advise you to check with the best program you plan to enroll in for specific prerequisites.

Step 2: complete a doctoral program in physical therapy:

  • Applied Physiotherapy
  • Functional anatomy
  • Complex conditions
  • Lifespan development
  • pharmacotherapy

Step 3: meet your state’s licensing requirements:

All states require PTs to be licensed. Licensing requirements are set by individual states, but include passing the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE), which is administered by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT).

The NPTE is a computerized multiple-choice exam. Applicants can take the exam three times in twelve months. The Practice Test and Assessment (PEAT) tool, also developed by the FSBPT, provides applicants with practice time, taking the test using an exam that looks like the NPTE.

What is medicine?

Medicine involves a variety of health care practices created to restore and maintain health through the treatment and prevention of disease.

What do doctors do?

All physicians are primarily concerned with restoring the health of their patients to optimal working conditions.

Physicians can execute these responsibilities by performing diagnostic tests, creating treatment plans, prescribing medications, and counseling patients.

Each physician is trained for years before receiving a license to practice.

DPT Scope in Pakistan:

Physical therapy, physical therapy, or physical rehabilitation, has a host of benefits for those who are in the process of recovering from injury or illness. It is also useful for patients who need additional assistance regarding the mobility of affected limbs, and even if they suffer from a disability.

The main goal of physical therapy is to relieve pain, stabilize the injury, and prevent it from getting worse. Afterward, she focuses her attention on restoring movement and strength, with the ultimate goal of achieving the patient’s recovery.

Techniques used in physiotherapy:

  • Manual therapy techniques: massage techniques will relieve pain and muscle stiffness, stimulating blood flow in the injured area.
  • Aquatic therapy: The use of hydrotherapy is very common to solve some types of injuries.
  • Taping, bandages, and splints.
  • Exercise prescription: stretching, strengthening, balance.
  • Breathing techniques.
  • Postural reeducation.

If you are experiencing a condition that does not allow you to move any part of your body, you should go immediately to your doctor. He will assess your case and send you to perform physiotherapy sessions if necessary. Don’t allow these conditions to progress further or the muscles to atrophy.

DPT Scope in Pakistan with Benefits of Physiotherapy:

From our Advanced Physiotherapy centers in Alhaurín el Grande and Estación de Cártama, we tell you all the advantages offered by physiotherapeutic treatments:

  • Alleviate the pain.
  • Improves muscle strength and mobility.
  • Greater flexibility is achieved.
  • Prevents and controls physical deterioration.
  • Improves the basic functions of the body.
  • It gives us a greater sense of well-being.
  • Help keep joints in good condition.
  • Injury prevention when practicing sports regularly.
  • It can help you better recover after an accident, trauma, or major surgery.
  • Musculoskeletal: bones, joints, and soft tissues.
  • Neuromuscular: brain and nervous system.
  • Cardiovascular: heart and blood circulation.
  • Respiratory: trachea, larynx, and lungs.

What are the advantages of physical therapy?

  • With physiotherapy, greater flexibility is achieved.
  • Muscle power and mobility are improved.
  • Physical deterioration is prevented and controlled.
  • They improve the basic functions of the body.
  • Get pain relief.
  • One of the greatest benefits of physical therapy is achieved in the treatment of tendonitis, knee or meniscus ligaments, fibrillar tears, and ankle sprains.
  • Physiotherapy helps us achieve a greater sense of well-being.
  • It prevents injuries when practicing sports regularly.

DPT Fee Structure in Pakistan:

Each university has a different fee structure. Government universities have comparatively reasonable fee structures to offer. Students who want to take admission to any recognized university will have to pay a minimum of 900,000/- RS. or a maximum of 1600,000/- RS in the whole 5 years. DPT fee structure in Pakistan is more reasonable than in foreign countries. DPT universities in Pakistan offer quality education in a very less fee structure.

Students with scholarships and another discount facility will pay less money as per management decisions. The fee amount can be paid in installments according to the policy of a certain university.

DPT Universities in Pakistan:

More than 80 universities are offering DTP (doctor of physiotherapy) programs in different universities in many cities across Pakistan. The list of famous universities is mentioned below.

  • Government College University
  • University of Lahore
  • King Edward Medical College
  • Khyber Medical University
  • University of Balochistan
  • Rawalpindi Medical College
  • University of Sialkot
  • The University of Faisalabad
  • Riphah International University
  • The superior University
  • Zia-ud-din-Medical University
  • University of Medical and Technology
  • Allama Iqbal Medical College
  • Allama Iqbal College of Physiotherapy and many others offer the doctor of a physiotherapy program.

DPT universities in Pakistan are famous for providing quality and reasonable education to students. The facilities and the educational environment are remarkable in each university. They keep students focused and indulge them in different competitive educational activities.


DPT scope in Pakistan is great when it is chosen as a profession. Any field or profession that aims to serve your country and its people is the best. People work harder to become a doctor or engineer. These two fields are considered the most famous and demanded by society. However, students who wish to become a doctor and have not enough marks can easily choose the DPT (Doctor of Physio Therapy) program to at least stay in the same field and achieve something closer to it.

The doctor of physiotherapy is also an important figure who serves people and enables them to walk, move and live a healthy life. No profession is lesser than the other but aiming to provide your services to others should be the ambition of your life.