College Readiness

Have you ever experienced the larking fear of college readiness? I do. The first day at any place is going to be the scariest thing you can ever feel. The thought of being freshmen at the college itself prompts fear and fill your heart with some new adventures and experiences. I can still remember the time when I started going to college. I was nervous. Everything was new to me. I feel as if I have entered into a world that is unfamiliar to me. Your face shows the signs of nervousness and confusion you are going through. You have no way out. You feel alienated and unwelcomed. However, you cannot hang in there. Let me explain to you some problems and their solution to make you fully ready and aware of college readiness so that you may feel less fearful at your first day. So, are you ready to get started?

College Readiness

New Journey in Life

At one level, it provides you with a thrill of ecstasy to experience a new journey in life. Students become ready to enroll in college with some new expectations, make some plans and prepare themselves to encounter a greater and wider world. Those students who are quite bold in their day-to-day life somehow managed to digest the new aura. They feel free to ask anything to anybody and take part in different kinds of activities vigorously. That is exactly how you should be. You have to build enough confidence to surpass any difficulty. But unfortunately, we have also a large number of students who are even unable to express themselves properly. They lack confidence. They are shy and behave weirdly as if they have entered into a new world, a world, which is unfamiliar to them, a world which shows them the harsh realities of life, a world where they feel like aliens, where they can hardly survive. They feel themselves in a world in which they have a long list of competitors who are ready to attack them just like a hungry wolf attacks its prey. It seems absurd but it isn’t. That’s exactly how the beginning is. A sneaky and crafty environment in which an individual is trying to fit himself. These kinds of students usually face a lot of problems in their personal as well as academic life.

Another difficulty that is being faced by our many of the students is the issue of race, color, and creed. People pay more attention to one’s skin color than their dignity which ultimately leads to a destructive outcome. Some students after not finding a true direction at the beginning develop the company of bad boys and get involved in some kinds of culpable and criminal activities i.e. smoking and drug trafficking respectively, that ends their career before starting it. This is certainly terrifying, isn’t it? Many of us has seen so many people around us that have destroyed their lives the same way because they have not been properly guided or lack a proper counseling. We have also found a variety of students at schools and college level who find solace in isolation. They do not involve in any kind of activity and live in the world of their own. They developed no charm for newness. They detached themselves from the outer world and find comfort in being aloof and as a result, no one pays attention to them. Hence, that isolation kills their talents and abilities that is frightening.

Parents’ Unawareness

Parents’ unawareness to their children’s lives and activities is another issue that is emerging rapidly. Now a day, parents have no idea how their children are going and suffering, what challenges and pressures they have to face after reaching a higher level of education. Whether they are having a good environment or not. They think that their children are on right track to be fully prepared for college level but that’s not true. We have shockingly a large number of students who are not mentally ready to join college but joined it under parental pressure and as a result, these students get involved in some illegal activities, which further darkens their career.

Co-curricular activities also support the student’s mental condition and help them in building up confidence and maturity. Actively participating in other activities help to increase the confidence and believing in oneself. But again students with low confidence will ultimately feel like losers and will compare themselves with others and thus causing an inferiority complex. It is one of the major reasons for the failure of students in a higher education system. Time and again they experience the jerks of being an outsider to that new environment. Even in their personal lives, they suffer greatly from this.

Class Activities

Class activities also play a vital role in developing a student’s mind. Well-structured writing and critical thinking are two essential things that are desirable at the college level. For this purpose, students compete each other to score higher grades. These activities help students to develop confidence, self-motivation, and maturity. But here also we feel a conflict between the physic of different students. Some take this as a healthy competition while others start blaming themselves as losers who are unable to score greater grades and success in life. These kinds of issues are actually making our youth weak. There are also some students who only want to get a degree and good grades by hook or by crook and thus they use foul means to attain the highest marks.

Not only students but there are some educational institutes too which are actually concerned about their student’s efforts to manage a new environment or to score good grades in every possible manner. Preparing students for college has become a higher priority and agenda in many schools. We have a wider range of schools that make plans about college readiness and provide their students with some sort of information that is beneficial for them in their educational career.

Punjab Group of Colleges that is one of the leading institutes of Pakistan is famous for providing best of its facilities for student’s proper counselling. We have highly qualified faculty members and trainers who are always ready to guide the students at their best. A well-reputed and trustworthy institute with fully trained staff and high security is not less than an excellent opportunity for parents to enroll their children in Punjab Group of Colleges. It provides you a platform for adopting a better career. We have solved the issues of cast and creed and provide our students the best character guidance. Furthermore, we are making necessary arrangements to meet student’s problems at their initial stages. We have made some policies, some teams that are on their marks to guide an individual to make himself ready to enter into a new world and perform different curricular and co-curricular activities that help students in the understanding of different ways in which they can perform well. You will feel encouraged at every level after entering into the vast world of Punjab Group of Colleges. We have a proper remarkable team solely arranged for career counseling, which can guide students wisely and effectively. Punjab Group of Colleges is making stunning and rapid progress in developing different societies and clubs for students to build up confidence. It proved to be highly beneficial for students as well as for parents that they can send their children for higher education fearlessly.

In a nutshell, although college readiness is full of challenges and difficulties for individuals with low confidence but at the same time, it makes you bold and confident enough to lead a prosperous life without any fear. Parents must ask their children about their will for their fear-free learning process. Positive approach towards life is essential as it not only makes an individual confident but also helps him in leading a satisfied life.

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