Challenges in Education

For a young mind with so many distractions around there can be times when it becomes hard to deal with the challenges in education.

  • It is sometimes a challenge to keep concentrating on the studies.
  • It can be challenging to resist peer pressure.
  • It can bring the challenge of coping with stress.
  • The challenge is to be the best.
  • It’s a challenge to compete with your friends.
  • Challenge is to find your voice and know what you need.
  • It is challenging to manage your personal life and study schedule.
  • The challenge to meet the expectations of your parents, teachers and your own self is tough.
  • Dealing with challenges that make you want to give up is a challenge in itself.

Challenges in Education

Difficulties in Life:

While you are on your journey of acquiring education there are a number of factors that come into play which either support your pursuit or create hurdles in your path.

The need for overcoming obstacles in life remains crucial for a smooth educational journey. The difficulties in life may include:

  • Financial Constraints
  • Health Issues
  • Family Problems
  • Travel Distances
  • Pick & Drop
  • Mental Weaknesses
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Stress Disorders
  • Availability of Educational Resources
  • Electricity and other Resources

Dealing with personal challenges can be tough on a child while in pursuit of education. When it comes to financial constraints they make a very big hurdle in a student’s path. Paying for all the educational expenses starting from the tuition fee to the uniforms and other prerequisites can be tough on a child’s family. Sometimes students also have to get part time jobs to be able to pay for their education which brings about more difficulties in life.

Students having health have to deal with facing problems in life like sicknesses, disabilities and their psychological effects on them.  The pressure on these students is considerably more because they have to compete with their other healthier mates. A disability of any sort can lead to a major obstacle while learning process is ongoing.

Overcoming challenges becomes difficult for the students who are dealing with family problems. Problems lie finances and health issues are the difficulties that are very prominent and are also acknowledged but the problems that children may face with their families go unnoticed. Sometimes the students do not get enough support from their families even their own parents  fail to take care of their need and cannot provide them are very stimulating environment. Some families are neglectful when it comes to girls education. They put the responsibility of household chores on them in the age of studying.  Some girls are forced to leave school and drop their education.

The problems like depression and anxiety are common with emotional stress. Students with mental weakness are more prone to such disorders that are associated with pressure of studies.

Challenges in education get magnified when the students do not have their mental peace. The problems like bullying, harassment, peer pressure etc can be some real difficulties and may require good stress management skills.

We never know what kind of challenges a student might be faced with. The children who live in far off areas have to walk miles just to get to school. Students who do not live too far may still require a means for their pick and drop.

Travel distances interfere a lot with the student’s potential to perform in studying because he or she might have to go through a lot more hassle and may suffer from tiredness more than usual which interrupts with their ability to study.

The unavailability of resources such as healthy food, pick and drop services, electricity, clean water, air conditioner, internet, and other things that may facilitate a student always play a major role in decline of any student’s performance in school.

When it comes to education psychology teaches that students must be provided with a good nurturing environment to make the teaching and learning effective. The educational technology must promote inculcation of concepts and boosting analytical skills. Students who are faced with challenges that are too complicated must be provided with the emotional and intellectual support they may need.

Assigning students with a life coach or a teacher that understands educational psychology might be one of the best things can be done. Some good words of encouragement and the right support can help the struggling students to fight off the hurdles in their path.

There are some institutes that take the needs of the students into consideration. They make sure that the students can be facilitated to the maximum level. Punjab Group of Colleges is one of such institutions that have taken care of many challenges faced by students to make Pakistan a literate country.

Above mentioned challenges in education have all been tackled very effectively by PGC. The issues of accessibility to education, girls education, disable students, are all being handled at PGC institutions with great care. Students with financial constraints and lack of resources are also provided with necessary support. Educational psychologists, motivational speakers, trainers and career counselors are also present at the campuses to facilitate students.

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