Best Study Strategies to Boast Learning

When it comes to learning, there are some factors on which successful retention of knowledge dependent upon. Good learning is catalyzed by effective study strategies. Best study strategies such as regular revision, practical application, and assessment tests help students to learn and to remember what they study.


Best Study Strategies

We all are familiar with the importance of education, learning, and knowledge. The main thing that it all requires is studying. To learn what is taught, to retain all the education and to have the right knowledge we need effective study strategies.

There are no standard rules for the students on how they should study. However, there are a few study methods that have proven to be very useful for many students over the course of years. Most reliable recommended and effective study methods include revision, practical application, and assessments.

Best Study Methods

Students are always advised to study hard. The ways of study, however, vary student to students. Some of us study through the night. In these times most of us students are night owls or we just for some reasons remember more if we burn the midnight’s oil. Although the elders suggest we study in the early morning. The fresh dawn has some good effect on mental health.

Before we dig into all the study strategies we could opt for, we should look into developing some good study habits. The study techniques we apply have to be paired with our study habits in a way that they complement each other.

There are a few study skills for students that help them master the knowledge they need to keep. Effective study strategies are paired with individual student habits and their drive towards learning to produce desired results.

Regular Revision:

One the most advised and useful study tips is to do the revision of the daily study material. To sustain what is being taught one should make it a habit to go through the everyday lessons.

The regular revision is what helps to get done with most of the learning process by the end of the term Regular revision takes off much of the study load. This also keeps one ready for any kind of exams and assessments. Among all the study strategies that have ever been recommended, regular revision stays at the top because it has been tried and tested.

In order to make sure that you do your regular revision and to make it a little more easier and effective you can follow the study tips given below:

  • Try scheduling your daily routine. You may use some planning system or maybe create your own calendar.
  • Keep your timetable open to accommodate any emergencies so that you can be prepared for taking it up beforehand.
  • Make it a priority to get done with things you need to on requirement basis.
  • Give yourself a break! Yes, you do deserve to take a break from all the studying. Make sure to accommodate the activities you enjoy.
  • Cross check the notes to make sure that you are not missing out on anything important.
  • Break it in chunks to make the learning process faster and to memorize the topics. Procrastination is the enemy when it comes to regular revision. Find motivation to avoid it.
  • Find your spot where you can study in peace and sit comfortably.
  • Know what’s important so you can revise that first.
  • Break the cycle of nonstop studying by taking short break every couple of hours.
  • Get yourself a study group which is productive and helpful for your revisions.
  • Don’t miss your classes as it is very essential to understand what you are learning and to keep up with your daily course work.
  • Know what’s important and what do you need to look into other than your text book.
  • Be ready for class discussions.
  • Ask questions in class to get your concepts cleared.
  • Go offline while you do your revision do not get distracted by internet.
  • Compare and contrast your lectures with what you read in the text book and all your notes.
  • Remember your key words the ones that are important and highlight the main topics.
  • Make mind maps, clusters or periodic divisions or the topics to pace up the learning.
  • Learn to skim and scan for effective and fast reading to save time.
  • Focus on the main idea of what you are studying.
  • Come up with the summary of all you need to remember.

Practical Application:

To practice what we learn reinforces it. The more we do things by hand the more we understand them. Hands on learning practice can aid the mental sustainability.

To apply the theory into practice has been another scientifically proven study method. Out of all the study strategies, this one adds skill to the students. This includes practically applying knowledge and also practicing by hand whatever that is learned.

Practical implementation leads students towards a cognitive understanding of how things work. The doing by hand teaches the functioning and improves chances of mental retention.

Assessment Tests:

The assessment tests are no longer just a grading criteria. They have become a major study strategy recognized by many institutions. Students these days join academies where they can take assessment tests to prepare for the ones they will be graded upon. These tests are also known as practice tests.

It is among very highly recommended best study strategies that to prepare for the exams through self-assessment tests. Taking tests can help the students identify their weaknesses. When they test their knowledge they get to know what they need to work on.

The assessment tests have proven to be one of the most effective study methods. Taking quizzes attempting sample papers to analyze ones preparation is the best thing to do. To attempt practice question papers, especially the past papers prove to be very helpful since they give students a taste of what the will be facing in the exams.

Self-testing by making your own question paper is always among approved and good study habits. Do time bound practice without cheating while attempting your assessment tests so you know how you will work under pressure during the exam time.

Check yourself like an examiner and grade yourself as strictly as you can to get the idea on how far ahead you need to be with your preparations. Strive as hard as you can before you have to take your final exams to save yourself from any set back.

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