Free Pre First Year Classes at Punjab Colleges

Pre-First Year Classes is an excellent opportunity for students to begin their intermediate training early. These classes are offered to students who have passed their matriculation exam and are awaiting their results. The purpose of Pre-First Year Classes is to provide familiarity to students with their intermediate syllabus so that they are able to stay ahead in their knowledge by attending these pre-classes.

In these classes, students and teachers are both actively involved in planning and carrying out learning activities of concept building, quizzes, classroom discussions and exams. The goal of Pre-First Year Classes is to inculcate self-learning ability and encourage self-exploration while attending each student at an equal level.

How do PRE First Year Classes Benefit you?

Pre-First-Year Classes play a significant role in the students’ life due to the following reasons:

  • Early familiarity with Intermediate syllabus and exam process
  • Directing and Motivating students to the right career path
  • Evaluation and Grading help better learning
  • A healthy learning camp for summers to instil confidence
  • Identifies weaknesses and strength areas


  • The Fee structure of Pre-First Year Classes is absolutely free at Enrolling in Pre-First Year also allows students to reserve their seats for regular intermediate admissions, and any fees collected at the time of the registration are afterwards adjusted from the students’ tuition fees.
  • PGC believes that all students deserve the best quality education; hence, these free Pre-First Year Classes are eligible for all students regardless of any marks or educational background.

PGC E-Learning

PGC E-Learning portal and app ensure efficient understanding and learning for intermediate students with course materials like video lectures, MCQs, past papers and more are available for the students at a click of a button.

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