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Punjab Group of Colleges “The Largest Educational Network in Pakistan” strongly believes in revealing world-class education to the potential intellectuals. The chief objective of establishing PGC app is to stand with the revolutionized world where the innovation in technology has all the dilemmas sorted for students. The app is designed to reveal just in time information, relevant course-based material for swift learning and necessary administrative updates.

PGC App provides every individual with an All-In-One Solution. The App facilitates the learning fanatics with the major features related to

  1. Campus Network: Puts forward the information of 390 campuses in 111 cities
  2. Programme: It exposes you to the programs offered in different cities/campuses
  3. Admissions: Gives you the information on admissions and scholarships
  4. News & Events: Updates you on all the happenings at various PGC campuses
  5. Profile: Provides you with all the important and personal information
  6. Time Table: Informs you with the weekly schedule of classes
  7. Attendance: Keep track record of your attendance
  8. Fee: Keeps you posted on the program fee and its submission
  9.  Result: An overview of your test and exam performances instantly
  10. EL by PGC: Enhance your way of learning while making it handy

Striving for an ideal future of its students, Punjab Group of Colleges gives access to world-class education for the learning fanatics. The main objective of including E-Learning in this app was to make learning handy and at your fingertips. By allowing the app to be a part of your learning journey every day, you bear the capacity of sitting back home and upgrade your knowledge without wasting your time. Lamenting the fact, the app is definitely ‘A Better Solution Than Tuition.”

– The app offers hundreds of syllabus related MCQs which will benefit you to prepare and practice for the exam. Learning through this feature becomes simple and increases your overall performance. All this is supported by Practice Keypad & Results.

– Permits the user to enhance their skills and intellect by thoroughly going through Video Lectures.

– Allows the user to prepare for the exams by directly accessing All Intermediate Boards Past Papers of last 6 years on the app for effective learning.

This app will provide you with an edge to excel in the world of learning, sharing knowledge and producing great results.

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