Ensuring safety of our future – for those I love i wear a helmet

Punjab Group of Colleges has initiated a helmet safety awareness campaign to ensure the safety of its students. Under this initiative, free helmets are being distributed among students so that they may utilize them for their safety and develop a responsible driving behavior.

At PGC the culture of care is adopted and passed on to the students for their better development into responsible individuals. This initiative is aimed at encouraging the students to adopt safety measures while driving and make an example for other citizens.

Helmet distribution ceremonies are being held at different PGC campuses. These ceremonies include road safety awareness lectures by reputed guests. Students are also carrying out supervised bike rallies holding posters and banners regarding the importance of road safety and helmets.

PGC intends to spread the message of love and care through this campaign. Our lives are connected with other lives. There are people who care about our health and safety and worry about us when we head out of our homes. It is for those people we should take safety measures and act responsibly to regard them for their devotion.

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