Free Microsoft Certification at Punjab Colleges


Continuing the legacy of innovation, Punjab Colleges is offering Free Microsoft Certification to their students to equip them with basic IT skills that are now necessary for every aspect of practical life. The purpose of Microsoft Certification is to give market-oriented knowledge and skills through new project-based testing, real-world exercises and full command over the entire features of a specific Microsoft program. Well-equipped computer labs are provided by Punjab Colleges to facilitate students getting the hands-on experience and practice for IT skills. The ultimate goal of this initiative by Punjab Colleges is to ensure the providence of foundational elements for the successful digital transformation of education all over Pakistan.

Types of Microsoft Certifications offered:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel

Benefits of MOS:

  • Free Certification (saving up to Rs. 25000)
  • Free Coaching Class
  • Improved productivity in academic assignments
  • Value addition to your CV
  • Increased Job opportunity
  • Lifetime Skills

Steps to earn MOS Certification at PGC:

Step1: Free Registration form from your campus

Step2: Fill the form and submit it to your coordinator of campus

Step3: Wait for the date of the coaching class to be announced after board exams

Step4: Internal Testing after taking coaching classes

Step5: International Exam to test your MOS skills

Step6: Certification is given after successfully acing the exam

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