Pairing Scheme 2021

What is the pairing scheme 2021?

Pairing Scheme 2021

A pairing scheme 2021 has been designed by the Punjab board to assist students to prepare for their exams productively. It is also called a paper scheme or assessment scheme. It makes students aware of what type of papers they will attempt in their annual exams. It consists of all types of relevant questions. All the important topics of a certain subject are included that are expected to be part of the annual question paper.

Pairing scheme 2021 enables students to become familiar with the question type and style of the questions in a comprehensive manner. That’s how they won’t get blank at the time of attempting their final exam.

Pairing Scheme of 9th Class 2021 English:

Since the world has been struggling to survive from corona and taking all the precautionary measures, it affected education on the largest scale. Nothing is important than a healthy life. To ensure the safety of students in this situation, the government has facilitated students with a Smart Syllabus. Students do not have to worry about their exams and a lot of preparations.

Instead of the pairing scheme 2021, a smart syllabus is now compiled with all mandatory subjects along with important knowledge-based questions which are important for students to learn. This will help students to get the chief topics prepared. Students will learn all that they need to utilize in the next classes of the chosen field.

The smart syllabus will intact the major learning for students that is important for them to pursue their education and knowledge in the future.

The pairing scheme of 9th class 2021 English has also been eradicated due to the same reason.

Students will not have the pairing scheme 2021 for preparation, although they will prepare for exams from the smart syllabus and stay relevant in exams during the corona situation.

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