CSS Syllabus 2021

CSS syllabus 2021 pdf download:

CSS syllabus 2021

Students who are interested in giving CSS exams are part of many CSS groups where students have multiple discussions. They also share many relevant documents and syllabuses. The CSS syllabus contains many courses in multiple subject-wise groups.

Students have given the choice to select among those courses or subjects from each group. They choose according to their relevant education. All the subjects are of 100 to 200 marks. Students get to opt for subjects with these maximum numbers. The total of 100 200 each subject cannot be exceeded.

The total of all the selected subjects will be 600 in total. Students from all types of educational backgrounds can apply and study the CSS syllabus 2021.

CSS is a dream of every student, so different platforms provide students to prepare for CSS exams in a better way with the best experience.

Public administration CSS syllabus:

The choice among courses and subjects plays an important role. Making the right choice and preparing for exams is what decides a student’s future. Student’s skills and talents also contribute to one’s career ahead.

The public administration CSS syllabus is also provided to all relevant students.

Business administration CSS syllabus:

Students who get to choose the business administration CSS syllabus are on the right track like others. They will be able to choose their desired subjects from the groups given below.

International relations CSS syllabus:

International relations CSS syllabus can be downloaded from multiple websites specifically designed on CSS-related queries.

Below given groups can also be helpful to know about your desired CSS syllabus 2021.

Subjects with a maximum of 200 marks will opt from the groups.

Compulsory Subjects

Essay 100 Marks
English 100 Marks
Islamiat 100 Marks

General Knowledge

Everyday Science 100 Marks
Current Affairs 100 Marks
Pakistan Affairs 100 Marks
Total 600 Marks

 Group A

Accounting and Auditing 200 Marks
Economics 200 Marks
Business Administration 100 Marks
Public Administration 100 Marks

Group B

Political Science 200 Marks
Agriculture 100 Marks
Forestry 100 Marks
Sociology 100 Marks
Journalism 100 Marks

Group C

Pure Mathematics 200 Marks
Applied Mathematics 200 Marks
Computer Science 100 Marks
Statistics 100 Marks

Group D (Science Subjects)

Physics 200 Marks
Geology 200 Marks
Geography 200 Marks
Chemistry 200 Marks
Botany 200 Marks
Zoology 200 Marks

Group E (History Subjects)

Islamic History & Culture 200 Marks
Indo Pak History 200 Marks
British History 200 Marks
European History 200 Marks
History of the USA 100 Marks

Group F

Note: Students must choose either International Relations or International Law. Both subjects cannot opt for the same combination.

Law 200 Marks
Constitutional Law 100 Marks
Mercantile Law 100 Marks
Muslim Law & Jurisprudence 100 Marks
International Law 100 Marks
International Relations 100 Marks

Group G

Philosophy 200 Marks
Psychology included Exp. Psychology  

200 Marks

Group H (Regional Languages)

Sindhi 100 Marks
Pushto 100 Marks
Punjabi 100 Marks
Balochi 100 Marks

Group I (National and Foreign Languages)

English Literature 200 Marks
Urdu 200 Marks
Persian 200 Marks
Arabic 200 Marks


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